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   A group of members from the Landmark Missionary Baptist Church of Norman, Oklahoma felt that God was leading them to begin a new church in the City of Norman so they began meeting together October 17, 1963. After much prayer and planning, CONCORD MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH was organized on November 1, 1963. Ordained men and members from other churches throughout the State of Oklahoma joined together for this service. Bro. June Godbehere, then pastor of Harmony Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, preached the Organizational Sermon. The Church voted to fellowship with the Macedonia-Plover Hill Association (now known as the Central Association), the Baptist General Assembly of Oklahoma, and the American Baptist Association. Bro. John Britton was called as the first pastor and Bart Swanson was recognized as an ordained deacon.

   Charter Members were: Jo McClendon, Mrs. J. D. Markham, Mrs. John Franklin, Vivian, Ellen and Arlene York, Al Perry, Wes and Ruth Langham, Frank, Louan and Dale Dixon, Kaye Hickson, John and Mary Ann Britton and J. B. Swanson. Joining the day of organization were: Fred and Ollie Klusmeyer, Sue & Harold Klusmeyer, Mary & Burel Sutton, Shirley Swanson, Fern & Charles Calger and Mrs. Ferrell Walden. Shortly after that Mr. & Mrs. Fay O. Bettis, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Kinard, Gladys Swanson and Margaret Rosales joined.

   In August 1967, Bro. Britton resigned to do mission work in Enid, Oklahoma. The Church called Bro. Fred Greening as pastor in September 1967. Concord began a building program through a $32,000 bond sale in May 1969. This addition brought seating capacity to 300 in the sanctuary. A couple of years later the Church purchased a 60 passenger bus and began a bus ministry. Bro. Greening resigned in January 1972. In April of that year, Bro. Augustus Downing was called as pastor and served until June 1973. Bro. Charles Beam came from Springer, Oklahoma and served as pastor from September 1973 until February 1976. Bro. Tom Meyers came from Pinellas Park, Florida and served as pastor from March 1976 to December. Bro. Larry Pate served as pastor from February 1977 to October 1977. In March 1978, Bro. J. W. Almon was called and served as pastor until 1995 when he resigned due to health problems. During this time (May 1985) Concord celebrated a Homecoming and Note Burning to mark the debt-free status of the church. Bro. John Britton preached the Morning Message and Bro. Charles Beam delivered the Note Burning Message.

   Bro. Mike Raines came to pastor Concord in June 1996. Bro. Doug Gregg came as our MBSF Director in September 1996. Concord began sponsoring Landmark Missionary Baptist Church in Perry, Oklahoma in September 1996. The Discovery Program was begun for Children and Teens in January 1997. Concord purchased property South of the Church and used it to extend the parking lot. The property across Ridge Road and the MBSF Center were purchased in October 2001. The educational building and fellowship hall was completed and dedicated April 5, 2003.

   Concord Baptist Institute was begun in the fall of 2004. Classes meet on Mondays during the fall and spring to help both preachers and Christian workers to effectively minister the Word of God.

   Pastor R. L. Clark came to Concord in August, 2006 and continues to serve as the church seeks to enlarge and expand its ministries for the purpose of sharing the Gospel of Christ and to preach the Word of God.

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